National Water Forum Members

The Forum has a membership of 27, representing a variety of stakeholders.
Public Water Forum Committee
Agriculture Sector –  Michael Spellman (ICOS); Patrick Rohan (ICMSA); Thomas Cooney (IFA); Derry Dillon (Macra).
Business – Neil Walker (IBEC)
Community and Voluntary – David Wright; Gerald Quain (Irish Rural Link)
Consumers – Jonathan Small (CCPC)
Disability sector – Liam Tobin (National Fed of Voluntary Bodies)
Education – Dr. Suzanne Linnane (IOTI)
Environment Sector –  Mindy O’Brien (SWAN); Bernadette Connolly (Cork Env. Forum);
Ollan Herr (ZWAI); Charles Stanley Smith (An Taisce), Sinead O’Brien (SWAN);

Dr. Thomas Harrington (Maigue River Trust).
Fisheries/aquaculture – Francis O’Donnell (IFPO)
Angling – Martin McEnroe
Forestry – Brendan Fitzsimmons (Tree Council of Ireland)
Irish Water Domestic Consumers – Connie Rockford and Keith Hyland
Rural Water – Barry Deane (NFGWSS); Jean Rosney (NFGWSS);
Tourism – Tim Fenn (IHF)
Trade Unions – Liam Berney (ICTU)
Water Sports and Recreation – Dr. Tim Butter (Irish Underwater Council)