The role of the Forum is, in the first instance, to identify a vision for our water bodies – as clean and healthy waters, supporting biodiversity and providing the basis for positive economic and cultural life.
The Forum is charged with ensuring that all stakeholders are regularly reminded of this vision and their role in achieving and supporting same.
The Forum will provide a unifying platform for multiple and sometimes competing interests to work together in a collaborative manner, and drawing on each other’s expertise and experience, address the many challenges to the vision.
The Forum also has a role in inspiring, informing, educating and challenging all stakeholders in matters relevant to this vision.
Sunlight on a river
All of our activities should seek to achieve at least one, if not more, of these outcomes.
The Forum will support the implementation of the River Basin Management Plan and will actively monitor progress.
If and when required, the Forum will provide positive critical analysis of progress and issues which are of concern or which could compromise achieving our vision in relation to clean and healthy waters.
Based on its understanding of the vision and having regard to its interactions with stakeholders, the Forum is responsible for drafting recommendations in relation to the on-going development of national policies and strategies in relation to all water issues and working with all stakeholders and state agencies in achieving the common and shared goal of clean and healthy waters for Ireland.