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CRU Review of Irish Waters Proposed Water Supply Project

Statement from Dr. Tom Collins Chair of An Foram Uisce regarding Irish Waters Water Supply Project July 2019
Briefing Note on WSP for advices 30012019
Submission to CRU on IW proposed WSP 21st June 2019
Nelly Maublanc Biographical Note
REPORT to An Fóram on the WSP by Nelly Maublanc May 2019


An Forúm Uisce Annual Reports

An Fóram Uisce Annual Report 2018
An Fóram Uisce Annual Report 2017

Reports and Observations
Report commissioned by An Fóram Uisce on the ‘Effectiveness of engagement and facilitation performance during the Staleen Water Treatment Plant Outage 2017

Press Releases
Press Release 31082017
An Fóram Uisce statement on current water crisis 30072018

Submission on Nitrates Derogation Review as submitted 28th May 2019
Submission to CRU on IW proposed non-domestic tariff May 2019
Submission to CRU on IW proposed water conservation excess use charge April 2019
Submission on the WFD fitness check March 2019
Submission on Water Env Abstraction Bill 2018
Submission to CRU on IW proposed non-domestic tariff August 2018
Submission on the review of the National Action Plan for the sustainable use of pesticides June 2018
An Foram Uisce Submission on Irish Water Investment Plan 2020 to 2024
Submission to CRU on IW connection policy March 2018
Submission to Irish Waters Resource Plan 2018
Submission on Septic Tanks National Inspection Plan 2018
Submission on Planning Guidelines 2018
Response to Water Services Policy Statement 2018
Submission on the River Basin Management Plan 2017
Submission on National Planning Framework 2017
Submission on Nitrates Action Plan 2017


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