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An Fóram Uisce|The Water Forum is requesting research tender submissions on the topic of Optimising Water Quality Returns from the Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).


CRU Review of Irish Waters Proposed Water Supply Project

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Submission to DHPLG on Marine Strategy Framework Article 17 26th February 2020

Submission on Nitrates Derogation Review as submitted 28th May 2019

Submission to CRU on IW proposed non-domestic tariff May 2019

Submission to CRU on IW proposed water conservation excess use charge April 2019

Submission on the WFD fitness check March 2019

Submission on Water Env Abstraction Bill 2018

Submission to CRU on IW proposed non-domestic tariff August 2018

Submission on the review of the National Action Plan for the sustainable use of pesticides June 2018

An Foram Uisce Submission on Irish Water Investment Plan 2020 to 2024

Submission to CRU on IW connection policy March 2018

Submission to Irish Waters Resource Plan 2018

Submission on Septic Tanks National Inspection Plan 2018

Submission on Planning Guidelines 2018

Response to Water Services Policy Statement 2018

Submission on the River Basin Management Plan 2017

Submission on National Planning Framework 2017Submission on Nitrates Action Plan 2017